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Our Mission

The global mission of the Church of the Nazarene is: To make Christlike disciples in the nations.

This mission is built on the Church of the Nazarene’s core values of Christianity, holiness, and mission.

While the primary motive of the church is to glorify God, the Board of General Superintendents believes that the church is also called to actively participate in His mission of reconciling the world to himself.

The seven words in the statement of mission embody the historical essentials of Nazarene mission:

  • evangelism,
  • sanctification,
  • discipleship,
  • compassion, and
  • equipping all who respond in faith.

The essence of holiness is Christlikeness.

The Church of the Nazarene is blessed with some of the most dedicated disciples of any denomination. Our goal is to build on this strength. We're also moving from a 'sending' to a 'sent' church. The responsibility is to be a witness, helping make Christlike disciples, in whatever nation we happen to be. Nazarene missionaries are now sent from all regions of the world.