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Youth in Mission

The purpose of the Youth In Mission program is to provide assistance, help students in their spiritual growth and development, and create Global Christians.

Each summer Youth In Mission places students in ministry around the world. Each participant selected commits himself/herself to a 12-week extensive "advance training" program during the spring, raises a ministry contribution to the program, participates in Youth In Mission Training Camp, and serves for about 7 weeks in a self-giving, intense ministry experience followed by a time of debriefing.

Participants in Youth In Mission are chosen after a detailed placement process. Online applications and references for applicants are carefully reviewed. Students are notified of their placement by mid-December, or after December, within 3 weeks of submitting their application. After their selection, participants immediately begin raising funds and preparing themselves spiritually for the summer ahead.

The purpose of the Youth In Mission program is three-fold:

  1. To provide assistance to the fields. College students are a valuable work force. They are young and energetic, mature yet not tied down to financial and long-term commitments, and eager to serve the Lord. A team of 4-10 college students for 6 and a half to 7 weeks can accomplish much when used effectively.
  2. To help the students in their spiritual growth and development. Challenged to live a totally surrendered life of no regrets, participants learn more about life, themselves, human need, and the gospel than ever before. They  return saying, “I will never be the same” and they won’t.
  3. To create Global Christians. A Global Christian is someone who is committed to reaching this world for Christ no matter the cost. They have seen the world and know the needs, and no matter what job they do, they will for the rest of their lives commit their time, energy, and resources to reaching the world for Christ.