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Holistic Child Development

NazCare Inc. Child Sponsorship Program

NazCare Inc. promotes holistic child development through child sponsorship (particularly to countries in the Asia-Pacific Region) in cooperation with the Child Sponsorship Office of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. Currently, children in Thailand, Indonesia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Congo, Mozambique and Kenya are sponsored through NazCare Inc. NazCare is able to request children for sponsorship from almost any of the countries in which Nazarene Holistic Child Development and Sponsorship programs operate. Please advise us if you have an interest in a specific country. We can generally also match children by age and gender, if desired.

How does NazCare Child Sponsorship Operate?

  • NazCare promotes child sponsorship at the NCM standard rate of $40.00 (Australian) per month. You will notice that the enclosed coloured brochure produced by NCM Kansas City specifies $25.00 per month, but this is US dollars.
  • Child sponsorship is usually open-ended, but NazCare asks sponsors to commit to a minimum 1 year sponsorship (i.e. $480.00)
  • In conjunction with the NCM Child Sponsorship Office NazCare manages the allocation of available children and matches them to specific sponsors. This process may take 1 - 2 weeks to finalise.
  • NazCare provides a comprehensive information pack to every child sponsor.
  • Sponsorship payments to NazCare may be made by cheque or internet banking. Sponsors choose a payment schedule to suit their individual preference, provided it equals $480.00 per year.
  • All sponsorship funds are on-forwarded to the Asia-Pacific Regional Office monthly for distribution.

How do I Sign-Up for NazCare Child Sponsorship?

Contact Judith Kirkland to register as a sponsor. If you have a preference for a child of a specific age range, gender or country please specify this. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks (typically) for a child to be allocated to you. The preferred method of contact is e-mail (because it is instantly accessible). However contact by mail or telephone is also appropriate.

What Happens After That?

  • Manisha will liaise with the NCM Child Sponsorship Office to allocate a child matching your preference, if any.
  • A Child Sponsorship Pack will be mailed to you. This Pack will contain a photograph of the child and some brief personal information, a letter from the child, tips on writing to the child, a booklet on the Child Sponsorship program and a letter from NazCare providing specific information on sponsorship payment options.
  • Sponsored children are encouraged to write to their sponsor several times a year. These letters are frequently forwarded in bulk to NazCare. Any letter received in this office from your sponsored child will be mailed on to you as soon as it is received.

Thank you for investing in the holistic development of children across the region, across the globe. Your support will contribute to the well-being of a child in every area of their life. You will enjoy regular updates from them, and are encouraged to correspond with them via NazCare's Child Development-Sponsorship Co-ordinator, Judith Kirkland. For more information please contact: child@nazcare.org.au