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These four words help us to articulate what we see as vital for engaging with the Christian spiritual life, the four things that we encourage each person to be a part of to be fruitful in their knowledge of God.

Place: As Christians we don't begin with church, we begin with mission. God is a missional God. He left heaven and came right down into our neighbourhood (in Jesus) so that we might know him. And he sends us back into the world to continue that job, the job of making God known to others. This is where we begin, our identity is based in mission. God has called us to minister in a specific place; a place where we interact with people who do not yet recognise God, where we demonstrate God's love, compassion, and mercy for all people.

Passion: To engage in mission we need to be fuelled up. We do this through corporate and private worship. Together we direct our focus to God, call on him and hear from him. While we want to be engaging in worship in all that we do, everyday, we recognise that there is something more for us when we come together to worship, something when we humble ourselves and pray together, something when we put aside our business and devote time to resting in the presence of God.

Preparation: We need each other to complete our mission. The church isn't one person alone, its people coming together following Christ. In community we are sharpened, we learn, we practice serving, we encourage one another, we pray, we seek, we grow. In community we are prepared for our mission in the world.

Partnership: The call to be a Christian isn't a call to live life for ourselves. We are called to partner together with anyone who seeks to follow after God’s way of justice, compassion, mercy and love. We are called to work together, using our time and resources to literally bring heaven to earth in as many ways as possible.