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Our Beliefs

Our church has grown within the Wesleyan Methodist heritage and this shapes our beliefs and practice. You do not need to believe as we do to worship with us. We welcome anyone who is exploring faith.

We believe in one God; who has been revealed to us in Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We believe in Jesus Christ, who was one with God but came to earth and became human. We believe Jesus dies, conquered death and rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven where he intercedes with God for us. Jesus died for us so we can have life and forgiveness of sin, and so we can know God personally.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the ongoing presence of God in the world who convinces us of our sin, works in and through followers of Christ in the world, works within believers to change them so they can live out love just like Jesus, and is a comforter and guide to us.

We believe that the bible is written revelation of God, that it is accurate in teaching us how to know God and live according to his will.

We believe sin is in the world because of human decisions to live according to their own desires. We believe all sin is essentially breaking the law of love (to love God and our neighbour as ourselves). This sin corrupts everything and everyone.

We believe Jesus, by his life and death, makes atonement [amends, reparation, reconciliation] for our sin. This atonement is for every person and is offered to us for free. This atonement is graciously given to us until we reach an age where we start to be accountable for our actions, at which time we need to choose to receive this free gift.

We believe in graced freedom (or fancy theological word "prevenient grace"). We believe that because of the sacrifice of Jesus we all have freedom to turn from sin and embrace love, to believe in Jesus and receive his atonement. God doesn't force or manipulate us to make these choices. We are free to receive him or not at any point in our life.

We believe in repentance, the act of sincerely turning away from sin and embracing God's ways for ourselves. If we do repent God gives us mercy, forgiveness and spiritual life. The Spirit of God makes us new (fancy theological word "regeneration"), we are adopted as children of God.

We believe that God then begins to change our heart and mind (fancy theological word "sanctification"). We are freed from being captive to our sins, and given the power to live following Jesus in love. As we live connected to God he helps us to live this way daily. Sanctification begins when we give our life to God, but it's something that develops in our character as we follow God with obedience.

The Church is the community around the world that expresses Christ Jesus as Lord. The Church exists to extend the mission of God to the world by living out Christ's love, making disciples of Jesus, helping each other to grow in faith, and serving wherever we can.

Baptism is a symbol of the new life we have when we receive Jesus atonement, and our entry into the Church. Children who are baptised need to affirm their personal faith when they come of age.

The Lord's Supper [Communion, Eucharist] is the way we regularly remember the death of Jesus. In our church we celebrate it monthly by eating bread and drinking grape juice as symbols of the body and blood of Christ. It is a time to reflect, worship, seek Jesus and meditate on the centre of our faith. It is also a reminder that in spite of our differences we are one church, joined together because of Christ.

We encourage our people to prayer for the sick as instructed in the scriptures. We affirm that God can heal miraculously; we also affirm that God can heal through the use of medical science.

We believe that Jesus Christ will come again, that the dead will be resurrected. We believe that each person will give an account of their life before God, and that those who have followed after Christ are assured of life, but those who finally do not turn to God will be lost.