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NewStart RiverCity Church of the Nazarene

NewStart RiverCity is the only Nazarene church north of the river in Brisbane. We believe that God is Love and therefore Love must be enough.  Jesus offers us the freedom to love God and people and to be loved by God and people without shame or fear. The church's role in the Mission of God is to develop real community by walking with people in genuine relationships that share in God's love and grace. We are a place of healing and hope. We create spaces of God's grace and love into which ALL are welcome. We trust that in these spaces the Holy Spirit helps us to become aware of, and remove, the obstacles to loving and being loved in our lives. As we journey with God and each other our hurts will be healed, our hopes will be empowered, and our hearts will be transformed through God's love and grace. Together, we seek out our sole significance and satisfaction from within our identity in Christ.

We are currently gathering in the home of one of our Pastor's as we search for a permanent location. Check out our Facebook page for our location this Sunday. Check out our website for further details about NewStart RiverCity.

We look forward to getting to know you!


NewStart RiverCity Church of the Nazarene

12 Seaton St
Bald Hills
Brisbane QLD 4036



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Church Contacts

For more information or answers to questions please check out our website, send us an email, or contact our Pastors directly...

Website: newstartrivercity.com

Email: NewStartRiverCity@gmail.com

Pastor Emman Chapman

Mobile: 0406 684 525

Email: emman@newstartrivercity.com

Pastor Roland Hearn

Mobile: 0422 450 780

Email: rol@newstartrivercity.com

Regular Church Events

EventMore Information
GatheringsSundays @ 10am
Life GatheringsFirst Sunday of the Month @ 4pm
Fellowship GatheringsEvery Fifth Sunday of the Month


Our Gatherings are focused on building relationships in community as well as seeking understanding through Bible study and book discussions about Who God is, who we are, and what our active roles are individually and collectively in God's mission to love all people and creation. ALL are welcome and embraced in our weekly gatherings. 

Our Life Gatherings are on the first Sunday of the Month. Our Life Gatherings have music, a short message, prayer, and a shared meal afterwards. Just like all of our gatherings, our identity in God's love and the mission of God's love are the focuses and ALL are welcome and embraced at our Life Gatherings.

Our Fellowship Sundays are a fun way to take advantage of the fifth Sundays of the month that occur a few times a year. We spend these Sundays hanging out somewhere different and fun. Sometimes we have a barby on the beach or go to the Cricket or hang out in the park. The point is to spend time together enjoying life.

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